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FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS - XP95 Advanced Detection System

XP95 Heat
XP95 Ionisation
Smoke Detector
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Intelligent Deep
Intelligent Low
Power Relay Base
Intelligent Isolator
Isolating Base
Isolating Base XP95 Manual Call Point
The XP95 range of analogue addressable fire detectors is advanced in design, improved in performance and has unique features that benefit the installer and end user.
  • Alarm Flag for fast alarm reporting
  • Alarm Address for fast location of alarm
  • Automatic addressing with the patented XPERT card
  • Electronics free base
  • Slide-easy base
  • Ease of installation
  • Elegant design
  • Digital protocol
  • Open protocol


The range includes ionisation and optical smoke detectors, heat detectors and a multisensor detector. A manual call point, isolator, loop sounder and other compatible products are also available.

A unique, patented address mechanism, the XPERT card, ensures that the address data is stored in the base while keeping the base free of electronic parts that could be damaged during installation.

XP95 detectors have been carefully researched and developed by the Apollo design team and the range has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it meets not only European and other standards but also the demands of today's high technology environments.


  • Ideal to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act
  • 3mA in alarm (simply replace loop powered warbler for quantities)

Can be mounted on any XP95/Discovery base:

  • As a standalone device
  • As a combination sounder/beacon
  • Can also be used on isolating base
  • Would generally be wall-mounted (as recommended in BS5839)


The XP protocol is based on a digital protocol that has been proven in many years of application world-wide. This protocol allows the use of 126 addresses per loop.

Detectors are addressed by means of the XPERT card, a simple method that ensures the address information is held in the base so that the address remains the same, even if the detector is replaced for maintenance.


The XP95 range has been approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and Vds.

CHSM/M/95 Multi sensor detector
CHSM/P/95 Optical smoke detector
CHSM/A/95 Ionisation smoke detector
CHHM/95 Heat monitor
CHHM/HT/95 High temperature heat monitor
CHFD/IR2 Intelligent loop powered Dual infra-red flame detector
CHFD/IR2/FP Intelligent loop powered Dual infra-red flame detector – Flame proof
CHFD/IR3 Intelligent loop powered Triple infra-red flame detector
CHFD/IR3/FP Intelligent loop powered Triple infra-red flame detector– Flame proof
CHFD/IR3/IS Intelligent Triple infra-red flame detector– intrinsically safe
CHFD/BK Bracket for IR range
CHFD/WS Weather shield for IR range
CHFD/D/UV Base mounted loop powered intelligent UV flame detector
CHFD/D/UV/IR2 Base mounted loop powered intelligent UV IR2 flame detector
CHFD/D/UV/IR3 Base mounted loop powered intelligent UV IR3 flame detector
CHFD/BASE Base mounted flame detector bracket
BASE/95 Mounting base
CHBG/95 Break glass unit
CHBG/IS/95 Break glass unit with isolator
CHBG/WP/95 Weatherproof break glass unit
CHIS/95/DB Loop isolating base
CHIS/95 Loop isolator
CHSW/95 Mini switch monitor (approx 40mm x 30mm)
CHZM/95 Zone monitor
CHIO/95 Input/Output unit
CHSN/95 Sounder controller
CHOP/95 Output only unit
CHIO/I/95/230 230v Rated (relay) input/output unit
CHBN/95 Loop powered beacon

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